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About A+W Software USA Inc.

A+W Software, founded in 1977, is the global leader of software for small-, medium-, and large-sized companies in the flat glass, window, and door industries. A+W develops ERP-, PPS-, and optimization software for companies worldwide to help them manufacture more efficiently. A+W's solutions control and optimize the whole value chain from basic glass to finished windows or facade elements. A+W optimizes its customer's yield, reduces production costs, shortens lead times, improves quality, and thus increases customer satisfaction. By working closely with our customers, we always provide the best possible solution to meet our customer's needs. Our proven e-commerce solution, A+W iQuote, is one example in a sea of software solutions that is a game changer for glass, window, and door fabricators. A+W iQuote allows your customers, salespeople, and internal order-entry staff to configure and automate quotes, place orders, generate documentation, and communicate status all in real time. Innovation doesn't stop at our e-commerce solution. Take for example our suite of solutions called A+W Smart Companion. Each solution allows you to do more with familiar hardware, a smartphone. Use your smartphone as a registration point on the shop floor (A+W Smart Companion Production), track stock and hardware components throughout the shop floor with A+W Smart Companion Stock, or utilize A+W Smart Delivery for electronic organization and sign-off of final orders at the customer site. These are just two of our many software solutions specifically designed for the flat glass, window, and door industry. No matter your need, our software solutions were built to make your job easier and more efficient! A+W is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ticker symbol CSU. Constellation acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software businesses.

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