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For more than fifteen years our company has provided the best solutions for worldwide glass lamination industry. If your projects require the use of premium quality Thermoset EVA film, then the following presentation might truly interest you. A. Product features and advantages EVALAYER is a premium-quality thermoset EVA film with high cross-linking transformation. This means better adhesion to the glass and other materials; for instance: PDLC films, LED electronic inserts, polyester decorative films (PET films), metals, fabrics, organics, and mesh and more. When properly processed, EVALAYER is highly resistant to moisture (waterproof), UV rays, heat, and discoloration. B. Possible applications High impact resistant glass applications Exterior frameless open edge applications Safety glass applications Decorative glazing Medical lamination applications Lamination of composite materials Special electronic Inserts such as PDLC films for switchable smart glass Metal lamination Magnetic boards Organic lamination encapsulation (wood, veneers) Color P.E.T. and multi-chromatic (dichroic) films Stone and marble lamination And many more C. Certifications EVALAYER is certified under the American standard ANSI Z97.1 and is therefore suitable for architectural applications. It is also part of the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) accepted interlayers list and could be used for safety glass applications.


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