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About Lattuada North America

Lattuada NA is the North American formula for the Adelio Lattuada Srl company, an Italian excellence manufacturing and exporting state-of-the-art machines for glass and stone processing all over the world. Their business culture, code of conduct, deep know-how and acknowledged expertise are derived from the parent company. The local team moulded the inputs from Lattuada to suit them to the specific requirements of the US and Canadian markets. The most important one is the requirement to promptly supply the spare parts and consumables required to avoid or overcome any potential machine downtime. Today, Lattuada NA is a constantly evolving and growing company. Customers acknowledge the value of the services offered as well as the absolute quality of their products. Glass & Stone Processing Needs Lattuada Those who buy a Lattuada edging, bevelling or washing machine (more and more often complete with advanced automation and robotics systems) are fully aware of being in possession of a long-lasting product, as well as of the added value derived from working with a strong partner personally operating in the whole continent.

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