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Oz Machine began its manufacturing journey with Aluminum and PVC / Vinyl processing machines in 1980, is now a leading manufacturer with more than 80 different machines used mainly in the Aluminum and PVC / Vinyl sectors. Oz Machine continues to enrich its product range with CNC solutions for various industrial usage. Oz Machine is able to produce more than 40,000 units of machinery annually at its fully-integrated production facilities with a 200,000 sq. ft. indoor area and a workforce of 170 people including R&D engineers, mechanical engineers, and technical specialists. Oz Machine produces over 80 different type of machines, single head, double head, four head solutions for both Aluminum, Vinyl and CNC Aluminum Machining centers. Oz Machine is a technology-oriented company that follows the latest production technologies closely and applies them to its production lines. The company can both offer basic solutions for the market and custom solutions for all the needs of its customers With its sales and after-sales services, spare part commodities, the company offers fast and high-quality solutions to customer demands all around the World.


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